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Sports and Active Chiropractic at Power Spine & Sport

Dr. Hunter with hand on patient's headAt Power Spine & Sport, we work with people on all levels of fitness and activity. Whether you’re just beginning to get active or are a top competitive athlete, our services will help you heal faster, improve performance, and get that competitive edge you need.

Our doctors work with high school athletics, college athletes, and those who might be a bit older but still active. Some sports we see the most injuries with include
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Golf
  • Running
  • Weight Lifting
  • And others

Both our doctors participated in sports during school, so they have personal experience. They also have additional certifications in selective functional movement assessments, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, ABC baseball and strength training, and McKenzie (MDT) Level A.

They have also had some awesome mentors in rehabilitation techniques, working with mentors at the Chicago Cubs training facility and the UFC facility as well.

Alternate Methods of Healing

While the name may be a little off-putting, blood flow restriction is backed by research and proven results. It’s a rehab method that uses a machine, like a blood pressure cuff, to measure the occlusion point in either a lower or an upper limb. It constantly monitors the safest point of blood flow restriction in that limb, and then restricts blood flow to that area.

Dr. Hunter and patient by rehab machine

Next, you perform a high number of repetitions, say 75, of a rehab exercise. Once done, the restriction is released, and by performing those same exercises again, it pushes all the bad nutrients from tiny structures or joints that we can’t reach otherwise, allowing good nutrients in, to speed healing and give you a competitive edge.

While great for athletes and active people, in general, this therapy can be used for much more. Someone with a shoulder or knee injury will find their recovery time cut in half compared to conventional rehab.

Core stabilization emphasizes muscle symmetry. We recruit the proper muscles with proper biomechanics, decreasing the chance of an injury by removing unwarranted stress. Instead, we rehab the area and teach patients how to use it properly.

A big benefit with muscle symmetry is functional joint centration—the optimal mechanical position of joints and balanced muscle forces around those joints—which promotes muscle synergy to reduce the incidence of an injury. Even if you’re not injured, getting under care will increase your performance, prevent injury, and give you a competitive edge.

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