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Stabilizing Exercises Increase Club Head Speed in Middle Aged Men Amateur Golfers

William H. Andrews B.S., D.C.

Parker University
Strength & Human Performance Capstone
August 1, 2023



Through the use of stabilization exercises or intra-abdominal pressure middle aged men amateur golfers would see an increase in club head speed due to spinal stability.

Nature of the Problem:

Due to the lack of stabilization or muscle synergism through activation of the pelvic floor, respiratory, and abdominal musculature middle aged men amateur golfers aren’t playing to their full potential.

Purpose of the Research Proposal:

The purpose of this investigation or research question is to apply the use of intra-abdominal pressure or stabilizing exercises with middle aged men amateur golfers to improve their neuromuscular activation of their pelvic floor, respiratory, and abdominal musculature in order to improve club head swing.


  • Using a randomized controlled experimental research design, participants will be randomly assigned to the control or experimental group.
  • The exercise protocol will be performed for a twelve week duration.
  • The control group will be performing the CDC recommended physical activity/exercise.
  • Measurements of the golfer’s maximum club head speed will be collected before and after the conclusion of the twelve weeks.

Supporting Examples/Data:

Martial artists produce more forces and resist more forces by recruiting their pelvic floor, respiratory, and abdominal musculature.
Velocity, force, and peak muscle activity during tennis serves and forehand strokes are significantly enhanced when athletes grunt or recruit these same muscles.


Training and recruiting the pelvic floor, respiratory, and abdominal musculature amateur middle aged men can increase their club head speed.

Evidence-based References:

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